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Sophisticated.Boutique is a Black Owned boutique specializing in women's jumpsuits, regular and plus size dresses, high fashion women’s clothing that shows off your curves and brings out the true beauty in everyone!

My name is Nyleen Pajibo, and I am the owner and founder of Sophisticated Boutique.

The boutique was opened in August of 2020. Even though the store was opened in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was opened with great significance. The significance of this establishment date is that even in the darkest of moments, true beauty can be created. Along the lines of beauty, Sophisticated Boutique was aptly named because the boutique is about classy and elegant women. The new, trendy clothing is reflective of the true beauty and phenomenon of  the female body, where women can feel beautiful in their own skin.

Sophisticated Boutique appeals to diverse women, where those of all ethnicities can find clothing that will make them feel sexy and confident. Here, we celebrate women, where we offer clothing that will empower women to fell beautiful and to be bosses in their lives. During such a terrible time in American society, there are not many things that people have to feel good about. But, through the simple act of wearing sophisticated and classy clothing, women can feel better and can put themselves in a better mood. This will give them the light they need as they live in what many  would perceive as a time of total darkness. We understand that these are difficult times, but we are here to make women feel better from within, for this will radiate on the outside. Sophisticated Boutique look forward to serving you. Please feel free to come in to our location, to call us, or to email us to answer any of the questions you may have. We also encourage you to follow us on our social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and
Snapchat) to get real-time updates about our sales, promotions, and new inventory.


We look
forward to serving all the beautiful women out there!

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